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Why is it time to install a solar panel? Over the past 20 years the cost of solar panels has significantly decreased. The cost of the solar panel with installation ranges from 8 to 25 thousand. This amount would allow you to install a solar panel with the capacity of 3-10 kW.

GoEcoSolar now offers turnkey solar panels with $0 down payment.

Cost of an solar PV system, depends on several factors: Power usage, Manufacturer, System yield & installation type.

Tax Credit


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Federal Tax Credits

The State of California provides the solar panel owners with the substantial incentives in a form of Federal Investment Tax Credit also known as ITC. Today the ITC for residential solar panels is 30%.

The rate will remain at 30% for those who install their systems before December 31st, 2019. Then the rate will decrease to 26% by the end of 2020. The rate will drop again from 26% to 22% in 2021, and the credit will be eliminated completely in the end of 2021.

2019 is the most efficient period for switching to solar energy. Through the end of 2019 you can claim the highest solar tax credit rate.

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Get the best price for your solar system.


Be independent from utility companies


Set your own EV charging systems


Get the best price for your Solar CarPorts.


Get up to 30% Federal Tax Credit for a new roof


Update your meter and main panel

Your way to Solar

Our experienced and knowledgeable GoEcoSolar team will guide you through the process of getting your residential or commercial solar system. We will assist you at each step – from the initial consultation to the post-installation maintenance. Our team members will help you to make the right choice and will provide the long-term support.

Free Consultation

We will do the math and tell you if it is cost efficient for you to switch to solar. Our experts will help you along the way. It’s easy and free.

Free Permitting

Your Account Manager will take care of all the permits and documentation required by the city and local utility company. How helpful is that?


On the day of installation you can be worry-free, because the job will be done on time and on budget. Our company is among few who hire their own certified technicians.


Even if we didn’t install the PV system, we will perform maintenance, such as installation of critter guards, correctives fixes, array monitoring.

Solar Savings Calculator

Find out how much you can save when installing a solar system.