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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar

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Is GoEcoSolar licensed to install solar panels?

Yes. We have General B license.

Do I have to sign a lease?

No. Leasing the solar panels is the least profitable option. We don’t recommend this option because of its low cost saving performance. First and foremost, when you lease the panels, you don’t get the tax credit, the owner of the solar system does, in other words the solar company.Also you might run into issues if you decide to sell your house with leased solar panels.

What are the benefits of going Solar in California?

There are many reasons to go Solar : Reduced and predictable electric bills; Avoid   increasing of the future electric rate; Save our Planet and help the environment; Investment that pays off; Increase your home value;

Can I cancel the contract after I sign up?

Yes. You can cancel the contract within 3 business days.

When do I have to make a payment?

All payments are going to be listed in your Solar Agreement.

How do I know how many panels I need?

We will analyze your property and suggest a number of panels based on requirements, roof space and orientation, panel power and efficiency, shading and financing.

How the process of installation works?

On the day of installation you can be worry-free, because the job will be done on time and on budget. The process of installation includes : installing roof mounts, locating rafters, railing, panels, power optimizers, wiring and others electrical components.

Do you provide roof inspection?

We provide an inspection and your Account Manager will take care of all the permits and documentation required by the city and local utility company.

Why do I need a city inspection?

The city inspection is to ensure that the installation meets all safety requirements(roofing, electrical and solar).

How do I know my power usage?

You will receive a solar output monitoring software that will show the NET of usage.

Do I receive a Solar output monitoring software?

You will receive login information within 72 hours after the device is installed.